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VibeDrum - Handpan drums - Steel Tongue Drum

Information and Where to Buy

VibeDrum a Drum to Hang on to

If you are trying to find a Hang Drum ™ from PanArt Hangbau AG then you must contact them directly via snail mail

to: Engehaldenstrasse 131, 3012 Bern, Switzerland.


However if you are looking for an instrument that is both more affordable and more portable with a very similar sound then you have come to the right place. The Vibe Drum® is not the same as the Hang Drum™ from Panart® or the Guda drum from Ukraine. Both of these drums are bigger in diameter and height and considerably more expensive.


Because our Vibe Drum is smaller it is easier to carry around it is now being used by therapists to give vibrational massages similar to a Klangschale or Singing Bowl massage. We have even used it on Horses!!


If you want more information about the Vibe Drum in English or Deutsch then please click on this Link:   www.vibedrums.eu


The Single Vibe Drum has 9 tuned notes in a variety of scales.

The Double Vibe Drum has a total of 18 notes that can be tuned to 2 completely different scales. The Vibe Drum is the only drum in this class that has this feature.


The Vibe Drum® has many uses in fact it has more uses than the Hang Drum, Guda drum, Hapi drum or any other drum in its class. Because in addition to playing songs and using it for meditations and trance work you can also take it to more places because of its smaller size and it is much easier to take on an airplane.


In addition the drum is now being used as a massage tool by laying the drum onto the client in various strategic points and sending mixed frequency vibrations into their body. To sooth sore muscles, to relax them and to vibrate their Chakras and Meridians. Much like a Klangschale Massage

There are many drums out there; Hang Drum,Handpan drums, Guda, Halo, Bellart, Bali, Steel Pan, Hapi and more. However we believe that with the sound quality of our drum mixed with its portability, multitude of uses, price and availability you will not find a better value for your money than with the Vibe Drum.


If you want more information about the Vibe Drum in Deutsch or English then please click on this Link:

   www.vibedrums.eu  or www.vibedrums.com


Thank you (Vielen Dank) and Feel the Good Vibes