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Our VibeDrum Sites

  America / Canada / International - English            www.vibedrums.com

  Österreich / Schweiz / Deutschland - Deutsch       www.vibedrums.at

  United Kingdom  -  English         www.vibedrums.co.uk

  Other European Countries - English                       www.vibedrums.eu

We are Pentarrow. We manufacture and distribute a drum known as a Vibedrum. A VibeDrum is a type of new generation handpan drum which produces a sound very similar to a Hang ™ drum from Panart in Switzerland. For more information on handpan drums please click on “About Drums” above.

Currently we are selling our drums in America, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and other European Countries. In addition we also offer Vibe Drum Massages in Vienna Austria which is very good for relaxation, muscle pain, cramps yet it also energizes and clears your meridians and chakras and in some ways is similar to a  Singing Bowl / Klangschale massage.

Our European Operations are based out of Austria and our website is in both Deutsch and English.

Our American Operations are based out of Arizona